Guest Workshop at The Inn at Weathersfield
January 7, 2017
10:30AM - 1:30PM

Join Jason and Caitlin for a hands-on “Introduction to Fermented Vegetables” workshop this winter. With just vegetables and salt, we will gather in the warmth of Hidden Kitchen to chop, salt, pound, and pack vegetables into jars. What we create will transform into traditionally preserved, nutrient-dense and delectable sour vegetables in a few short weeks. We will cover the basics and benefits of vegetable fermentation as well as introduce you to our signature diverse flavors with abundant samples, inspiring you to make your own creations at home. We will discuss and make a shredded cabbage ferment (sauerkraut), a pour-over brine pickle (vinegar-free), and a fermented beverage (non-alcoholic). Participants will take home what they make in this fun and interactive workshop. Call 802-263-9217 or book online here.




Are you interested in hosting a Fermentation Workshop? Vegetable fermentation is a wonderful community activity to do with friends or family. Please email us if you'd like to organize a workshop party either at your home or at our farm.