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so·bre·me·sa [so-bray-may-sah] 
n. time spent lingering around the table after a delicious meal; having food-induced conversations with the people with whom you shared the meal.
f. charla tiempo que se queda en la mesa después de finalizada la comida.

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Burlington and stowe Farmers' Markets!

Ferments currently available:
Fiesta Roja
Gateway Kimchi (Vegan)
Kimchi (Traditional)
Kimchi (Jason's Reserve)
Curry Sauerkraut
Juniper Kraut
Beeting Heart Kraut
Leek Nasturtium Kraut
Atlantic Brine Seaweed Kraut
 Beet Kvass
& Brine from nearly every product


Sobremesa is a family-run fermented foods company located at Wild Rhythms Farm, our land nestled in the rolling hills of central Vermont. We specialize in creating delicious fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut and seasonal products from our own and other Vermont farmers' vegetables and herbs. We source from Bear Roots Farm, Full Moon Farm, Friends & Neighbors Organic Farm, and Jericho Settlers Farm; each one of these farms is certified organic by VOF, Vermont Organic Farmers. Our mission is to nourish the body, mind and soul throughout the seasons. 

We hope that after you’re done eating, you’ll choose to sit with your loved ones for just a little bit longer, for a “sobremesa” and to savor the conversations and connections that happen after a satisfying meal.

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