Our mission is to provide you with local food year-round, by utilizing time honored methods of traditional fermentation. We nourish your body, mind and soul throughout the seasons.


Sobremesa began in 2014 under the stewardship of husband and wife team, Jason and Caitlin Elberson. In November of that year, we moved to Marshfield, Vermont, where we own our 7.5 acre homestead named Wild Rhythms Farm. We are grateful to be raising our son in such a beautiful place. We grow vegetables and herbs, and are establishing perennials such as asparagus. We have raspberry bushes, apple trees and we tap a few lovely large maple trees for our own syrup. We care for birds and raise registered Icelandic sheep (currently, we have six). We love our diversified flock of laying hens (which include: Wheaten Ameraucanas, Black Copper Marans, Olive Eggers, Rhode Island Reds, Light Brahmas, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Dark Cornish, Pearl White Leghorns and one Polish Tophat)! On alternating years, we also raise Chocolate Muscovy ducks, which are excellent foragers that seek out slugs and snails, and Lavender and Pearl Guinea Fowl, which are great for eating ticks and other garden pests. Our dog Cash is finally the animal king of a farm after years in a more urban setting. Our barn cats Percy and Rupert roam the farm seeking cuddles.

Caitlin at Wild Rhythms Farm Photo Credit Jason Elberson

Caitlin at Wild Rhythms Farm
Photo Credit Jason Elberson

We decided to immerse ourselves in regenerative agriculture in January 2013. By April, we had packed the last six years of our lives into a moving truck and headed north from Pennsylvania to join University of Vermont’s 6-month Farmer Training Program (FTP). Before the program, we tended a home garden, but mostly, we connected to our local farming community through our love and passion for eating intentionally grown food. Before shifting our purpose to sustainable agriculture, Caitlin worked as Director of Development at a Waldorf School  in Pennsylvania and had previously worked in admissions and marketing. Jason was a mechanical engineer at a small structural analysis consulting firm. We  are grateful for our complementary skill sets.

The year after we completed the farmer training program, we headed north to Fairfield, Vermont to work at an organic grass-based dairy and beef farm, Stony Pond Farm. That fall, we stumbled upon a Craigslist ad for what would soon to become our home and Wild Rhythms Farm.

Jason at Wild Rhythms Farm Photo Credit Caitlin Elberson

Jason at Wild Rhythms Farm
Photo Credit Caitlin Elberson


Our mission to nourish the body, mind and soul throughout the seasons is alive in our name. “Sobremesa” is a Spanish word which describes the time after a meal spent lingering around the table, having food-induced conversations with people with whom you shared the meal. 

Sobremesa is a time to digest and savor food, family, and friendship. These connections are the heart of our vision: to provide our community with local food year-round by offering fresh produce during the growing season and traditionally preserved foods in the winter. 









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